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Agralarm has more than 45 years of experience installing and providing service to poultry and livestock business owners. Our leaders, who have shown passion and dedication in making our business a success, inspire our mission and vision.

Mission Statement

To serve the agricultural industry, to be known as a first class organization that defines the meaning of service, quality, godly and ethical business practices. To make a fair profit in order to:
Stay in Business for Our Customers | Pay Our Employees Fairly | Pay Our Vendors | Serve Others in Ministry


Our President

Steve Flaherty has been involved with poultry and livestock since childhood. The son of a large-animal veterinarian, Steve has always had a passion for farming and animals. Growing up on Maryland's Eastern Shore and attending the University of Maryland in the early 1980s, Steve farmed and raised chickens and hogs. While farming, he became involved in the alarm industry. As technology quickly began to affect all industries, Steve applied his alarm industry experience to agriculture, focusing exclusively on poultry and livestock farms. "Chicken houses had alarms back in the '70s and '80s, but there wasn't anyone around to keep them working properly," Steve says. Today, Agralarm fills this niche for nearly 900 farms.

Our Vice President

Glenn Hansen joined Agralarm in 2000. With more than 25 years of alarm installation and service experience, Glenn's involvement is the key to the quality service we provide. After serving the military with the US Navy, Glenn began his civilian career in the electrical and low-voltage electronics industries. He became an installer for Alarmguard™ in Salisbury and worked his way up to become the service and installation manager. ADT™Security acquired Alarmguard in 1999—at this point Glenn had just joined the Agralarm team. "My biggest role is making sure that every installation and every service call is done properly and to Agralarm standards," Glenn says. "There can be no exceptions. Ours is not a 'one-time' relationship with the farmer, but one that must last successfully for as long as he is growing chickens."