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Effective Poultry House Alarms

Keep your farm running smoothly with the Agralarm System ... reliable systems to inform you when an emergency arises!


Securing Newly Constructed Farms

In new construction and retrofits, we connect the controllers, power-fail relays, and a Therm-Alarm™ in the brood chamber to provide a temperature backup. We wire these devices to a central location, typically a generator or pump room, where our controls are located. We establish communication with Agralarm Central and perform all programming and testing. Upon completion, training is provided to the Grower.

Upgrade Your Alarm System

Repair or upgrade your existing alarm system to make sure it is working correctly. When the power fails, your barn may need rewiring because your siren may not be working, or your fan relay may not be alerting. We can help you with all types of alarm maintenance.

Choose Your Connection

At Agralarm, we make sure that our customers are informed about the communication options they have. You can choose from any of the following:

Landline | GSM | Internet

Agralarm recommends a backup alarm signal path for all farms. Ask us about Internet with GSM Backup!