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Convenient Farm Automation

Monitor your farm's systems with farm automation and remote access from Agralarm. Modern poultry and livestock houses have come a long way from the days where we would feed baby chicks by hand, fill glass water drinkers, and heat the houses with coal stoves. Upgrade your systems and enjoy the convenience of farm automation.

The Benefits of Remote Access

Your chicken or hog houses can now be monitored through computers, which we refer to as "controllers." The controller regulates and maintains the environment for optimum overall performance. Conditions such as temperature, static pressure, water usage, power, and even the amount of feed can all be monitored and regulated with the use of remote access.

Installation Services

Although we do not distribute or sell controllers, we collaborate with their suppliers in using this technology. Our staff frequently spends time reviewing features and training growers on their use. One great feature available with most controllers is the ability to monitor the poultry or livestock building remotely from a PC or laptop computer. We can handle all services related to our alarm systems such as network wirings, software and equipment installation, and training on the equipment.